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Post Abortion


I had an abortion, now what?

Sometimes women come into the Centre and share that they have experienced some negative emotions or symptoms following their past abortion(s).


Women experience a variety of symptoms and emotions following an abortion.

Some have shared with us that they have experienced one or more of the following reactions: unexplained sadness, depression, guilt, sexual problems or promiscuity, inability to forgive themselves, drug and alcohol abuse, nightmares, eating disorders, difficulty with relationships, anger, grief, lowered self-esteem, a sense of shame, discomfort around children and/or pregnant women, anxiety, etc.


If you, or someone you know, is experiencing any of these symptoms, we are here to help.

Whether an abortion took place recently or several years ago, we are here to listen without judgement.  Regardless of your situation, our post abortion peer counselors are women who are here to help you heal and walk alongside you in your journey.

We also see men who are struggling with a past abortion as well. Post abortion support is available for anyone who feels they need someone to talk to.

Call us at 604.584.4490 or email us today.  All calls and information are kept strictly confidential.

Disclaimer: We are not a medical facility, so any medical problems should be addressed with your physician.

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