Truth about your body. Truth about your options. Hope for your future.



I think I'm pregnant...

Let’s face it, a late period can be pretty terrifying depending on your situation.  Maybe you feel lost or alone, unsure or confused.  Maybe your friends and family are giving you conflicting opinions on what you should or shouldn’t do.  Maybe you yourself feel conflicted.  We understand.  This is big.


You’re not alone and you have options!

When you come into our Centre, one of our trained client advocates will take time to sit and talk with you.  She can help you take a free and confidential pregnancy test and talk honestly with you about your options: abortion, adoption and parenting.  She will give you the support and acceptance that you need to process your thoughts and feelings and sort through all of the information.  You have options and being fully informed about all of them can help you make a decision that is right for you.


We’re About You.

You are not alone. There is hope. We are committed to the whole person; offering emotional, intellectual, and material help.

We’re About Choices.

Choice is liberating. Choice empowers us. Real choice means that you are aware of and understand all your options. We empower you with the information that you need to make an informed decision.

We’re About Truth.

Truth about your body. Truth about your options.  Hope for your future.

Click here if you are looking for more information about Plan B or the “morning after pill”

I think she's pregnant...

You just found out that she is, or might be, pregnant… Whether she’s your partner, your daughter, or your friend, this can be a pretty tough thing for you as well.  You probably ended up at this page because you want the best for her.  We do too.

First off, thank you for being supportive and taking the initiative to seek out information.


If she’s pregnant, she needs you more than ever right now.  How to help her:


Don’t freak out.

You might be feeling a whole lot of different things right now: surprise, shock, fear, disappointment, anger, hurt, etc.  Try to remain calm and think to the future, instead of dwelling on past mistakes.

Don't pressure her.

Pregnancy is life-changing and she needs to be at peace with whatever she chooses.  Even though you might think you know the best choice for her, give her the space that she needs to decide.  Affirm her efforts to get information about all of her options and support her as she carefully thinks through each one.

If you’re her partner, be honest with her.

This is her choice, but it is helpful if you are both able to express your own thoughts and feelings, as well as understand each other’s.

Bring her to the Centre.

A client advocate can meet with her (and you!) to go over the three different pregnancy options and provide support throughout the decision-making process.  If needed, we can also help confirm whether she is in fact pregnant with a free pregnancy test.  Contact us for an appointment or just drop in.

We aren’t just here for her.
We are here for you too.

A client advocate can meet with you together (or separately).  An unexpected pregnancy can be tough to deal with for everyone involved.  We can help you both.
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